Year: 2014

Diaphragm Pump Stainless Steel PTFE 1 1/2″ available

We currently have 2 1 Stroke diaphragm pumps in Stainless steel / Teflon 1 1/2″ in stock ready to go. Part #DP40SST Teryair Stroke Diaphragm Pumps operate on a simple mechanism involving few moving parts. They are versatile workhorses that can

Petrolatum Anti-corrosion tape by BC petro tape

Northern Look is proud to announce that we are now distributors of BC petro tape, also known as anti-corrosion tape, petrolatum tape or Denso™ tape. BC Petro Tape is used in pipe protection against corrosion and it can be applied to

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Kraft paper rolls

Northern look now carries Kraft paper rolls in 36″ x 900′ – 40 lbs weight. Perfect for use in cushioning and wrapping any items. Call us today for a quote

Packing and gaskets in stock

We just finished unloading a full container of packing and gasket material. Here’s the list of products we have in stock: 511081 Corrugated Rubber Matting Green 3mm x 1m x 20m 511081A Corrugated Rubber Matting Black 3mm x 1m x